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At NexSwiss Sàrl, we make sure that you feel safe to communicate with passion. Therefore, our goal is to provide the appropriate tools and platforms to organize, manage and create specific communities based on different topics and projects, industrial as well as commercial or associative.

With our tools, we give you the opportunity to create several different universes. We help you with modules such as event creators, online shops, instant messaging and custom features. Your website, mobile application and social networks are all combined on a single, simple platform.

Building a high-fidelity audience by allowing the user to connect with all stakeholders in your domain is the key to your success.

For companies, we aim to improve the quality of goods and services provided by computerizing and improving various processes, it means that you only need a computerization project to have a reason to contact us ;)

Create your own website to discover our tools !

We may then look with you for a complete solution. Our team is ready in Lausanne to help you with the configuration if needed, but further to develop the new tools you need or the design you want!

Do not wait anymore, contact-us !



Our main product consists of a platform of tools, such as a swiss army knife, it can adapt to all your projects. It is developed in its entirety by our team and is already used by more than 40'000 users thanks to years of work.


It is an innovative product, adaptable and accessible. This website is also designed thanks to this one, and that without a single line of code!


Our software adapts to all your projects, whether they require our social tools or not, they offer profiles to users or not, or even that it is to develop new tools such as the design of site reports, registration system or online store, our expertise will allow you to have for the best prices a customized ecosystem and designed to increase your productivity in the best conditions




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Our actual clients:

 PolySports - more than 2'000 students every years on the l'EPFL and UNIL campus

 Galdini SA Company of welding and maintenance of railways. We developed on their demand a software of reports and data management in the universe of the railways.

 Agepoly With the general association of EPFL students, we are conducting a tool platform test for the 10,000 students on the campus.

Our previous customers: - A Minecraft social network with more than 30'000 registered, the project ended in 2019



 CityTourPlayer: an audioGuide API for public transport companies, where you can transform a bus line into a tourist bus line, for free for your users, without any application, directly from their smartphone.


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