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Let's create your software together!

Thanks to our powerful tools we can create a platform, Android and iOS applications, especially for your company.
These contain all the tools you need for your business.
Do you have an idea of a feature that could increase the productivity of your business? But can not find an adequate solution available? Call on us so that together we can create the most suitable solution.


A good price?

Thanks to our modular platform system, you will not have to pay excessive maintenance or installation costs, because everything is managed internally in our servers by our teams.

In other words, what are you paying?

The creation and adaptation of the plugins you need.
The monthly license for use of the Services and the customer support (Depending on the use made and the related monitoring / assistance needs)

You will receive more than just plugins
You will not need to invest a lot of money for creating the platform and the thousands of hours you need to have a member space, messaging, profiles, and more.
The installation on your servers, the maintenance of these, as well as their cost, because we host your own solutions.

What are you not paying?

The creation of the platform and the thousands of hours needed to only allow you to have a member area, mail, profiles, etc.
The installation on your servers maintains them, and their cost, because we host your own solutions.

Benefits of this configuration
You benefit from many tools already developed by our team.
No need for your own technical support, the assistance is responsible for doing it for you.
You do not have to wait for months to see the first release. Indeed, we are extremely fast, because we already have all the basics to build your success! We take care of the backups and the security of your data, while respecting the data protection laws (RGPD for example if wished and possible)

Disadvantages of this configuration
Access to the source code remains reserved (you can, however, use our API to retrieve all information about you)
Because of our openness and accessibility philosophy, we reserve the right to use the services you have requested for other partners.
However, it is understood that if the non-exclusivity of one of your ideas directly threatens your business interests, an arrangement can be found.


What are the limits?

« Sky is the limit »
However, and more concretely, it is obvious that some features or requests may require a significant workload, but we will remain transparent with you if the costs of development were to change significantly or as the contract indicates.
We will study the feasibility of your projects depending on the case.
Your projects are built and monitored from A to Z in your company, to make sure that everything moves in the desired direction.
We are deeply convinced by the method AGILE method in the management of our projects with you.


Some examples of realized projects

All the projects below also include the basic platform which consists of: Account management, user profiles, internal messaging, iOS & Android applications, message postings, media, posts, page creation, website modification via the publisher directly on the site, or creating multiple sites by yourself or other entities. For example, you can create an association platform for businesses where each business has its page on the main platform but also its own site with its own domain name, all managed from one place.

 GaldiniWeldData.chA plugin for creating and managing weld reports for the railway domain, with photos, DataMatrix codes and more. Used by the company, in order to digitize old paper reports and allow any employee directly from his own smartphone to fill in the applications real-time site reports.
A registration management plugin for the various sports and competitions offered by this association, more than 2'000 registrations per year, with payment, made entirely on the platform.

Other projects in progress ..


Your project here!


18 Jun, 2019 20h10
Nous proposons aussi la création de votre propre plateforme sociale, en intranet ou ouverte au monde, adaptée à vos besoins et vos fonctionnalitées !
Avec tous les outils dont votre communautée pourrait avoir besoin pour s'épanouir et s'étendre!

Nos solutions permettent par exemple de:

Créer des profils d'utilisateurs, pour des communautées spécifiques ou avec inscriptions libre
->Publier des publications, des images, albums, etc!
->Faites vous des amis, suivez d'autres personnes ou d'autres pages, personnalisez votre fils d'actualité comme souhaité!
->Chattez avec qui vous voulez! Qu'il soit sur le web, sur l'app ou encore dans la lune (car les notifications permettent un atterissage rapide et efficace!)

Gérer des pages, pour des projets, des commerces, des sous-communautés, etc.
->Les pages peuvent être personnalisées, avec autant de sous-pages et plugins souhaités!
->Les pages peuvent aussi être des sites web. Si la fonctionalitée est activée, un administrateur de page peut ajouter à sa page son propre nom de domaine, de plus elle s'affichera alors comme un siteweb complet et non plus une simple page!
->Les pages peuvent avoir un administrateur avec divers autorisations complétement personalisables, des APIs, et bien plus, jusqu'à votre propre miniApp Android/iOS!

Et bien plus!
->Tout ce dont votre communautée pourrait avoir besoin, nous le développons pour vous.

Ceci est par ailleurs un poste, qui a été composé comme n'importe qui pourrait le faire sur nos plateformes, regardez par vous-même:

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