Created in 2018, NexSwiss Sàrl embodies the creativity, curiosity, and seriousness that binds our team.
It all started years ago when  Joel Iunius created a community platform software, originally designed for video games. The software quickly diversified and was able to grow and thus touch very different fields such as sports, universities or even more recently the railways. In total, more than 40,000 people have so far been able to use various tools created by our team.

  Joel Iunius - CEO

Formation: EPFL/EHL
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  David Netter - CBDO

Formation: Bachelor HEC - Lausanne
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 Jordan Brocario - Architecte réseau et sécurité 


Formation: professional degree in Computer Systems and Software
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Naomie - Marketing


Formation: Master Physique - EPFL

Nerea - Juriste


Formation: Master en Droit - Lausanne

Sébastien - Développeur Android


Formation: Bachelor Informatique - EPFL

Youssef Khribeche - Développeur IOS


Formation: Bachelor Mathématiques - EPFL

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